Bespoke Pieces

I am available to work with individuals on custom items, if you would you like to design your own bespoke piece from Pyramids to Sphere’s or even Jewellery either for yourself or as a gift.

Please contact me with your request and I will get back to you to with more details. I love making custom items for people and have made some much larger Pyramids and had the chance to work with gold leaf on crystals.

Bespoke Giza Pyramid

Orgonite Sphere

This was one of the largest Pyramids I’ve worked on with Tibetan Silver Om symbol  and huge Quartz crystals and some Lemerian seeds.


This beautiful Orgonite sphere has a Herkimer Diamond wrapped in gold leaf at its top and is made up of Copper and Iron Orgonite

Copper Wire Pyramid

The Copper wire Pyramid was made as a request for a client it has Quartz crystal points running up its wire frame and the top of the Pyramid is made from Violet Orgonite. The pattern in its centre is the flower of life from sacred geometry.
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