Orgone Jewellery

I have designed a range of Orgonite Jewellery.

I use small wrapped points of Amethyst, Citrine, Quartz  or Rose Quartz they are on top of a layer of Iron Sun Orgonite.

A mixture of Iron metal powder, quartz crystal powder and Himalayan rock salt.  Other crystals or gemstones added around the wrapped point.

The metal discs  I use are pure copper and stamped with different symbols by myself.


Om Pendant

The clasp attaching the pendant to the chain is also made of copper wire and wrapped by myself, the chain is also copper.

Gemstone Pendant

Whilst wrapping the crystals in their copper coils and polishing the Jewellery I run Reiki energy through them to purify and manifest healing intention.

The Jewellery is all made with the highest quality crystals; crystals powders, metal powders and resin, and I have carefully selected my suppliers to secure the cleanest crystals and finest metal powders available. The Gemstones are all sourced from conflict free areas guaranteed by my suppliers.

Heart Chakra Pendant

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